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Important Things to Note Before You Travel to Colombia

In the past Colombia was the spot in South America that individuals skirted, kept away from, and bypassed around. Known for savagery, cartels, kidnappings, and medications, it was a goal on not very many individuals' container records. Today it's an alternate story.

10 years back a great many people couldn't call attention to Colombia on a guide—presently it has become the new star of South America. Having lost its grieved past, the nation is currently an inviting spot to explorers of numerous types.

From nature to experience sports, from fantastic espresso to world-class nightlife, Colombia truly has something for everybody.

That being stated, it's as yet a fairly new goal—it very well may be useful to have a touch of direction and a couple of tips when arranging your first outing to Colombia. This movement manage is an aggregation of our top Colombia tips to ensure you appreciate everything this staggering nation brings to the table.

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1. You Probably Don't Need a Visa and Can Stay Up to 180 Days

A great many people who visit Colombia find a workable pace free travel. This is accessible for residents of 90+ nations including Canada, the US, Australia, and the entirety of Europe (you can look through different nations here). On section, a programmed 90-day traveler grant will be given to most guests.

While the 90-day section stamp is standard, the specific number of days is up to the prudence of the movement official. Ensure you twofold check how long the official wrote in your identification, in the event of some unforeseen issue.

In any case, in the event that you originate from one of the without visa nations, you are qualified for both the underlying 90-day section license just as an extra 90-day augmentation. This implies you might go through as long as 180 days out of the year in Colombia without requiring a visa. The 180 days rule applies to both the schedule year and continuous days in the nation.

Cartagena, Colombia

Avenues of Cartagena, Colombia

Broadening the underlying vacationer license is an exceptionally straightforward procedure absent really any arranging. One choice is to leave the nation and return, permitting you to get another stamp. The other alternative is to expand your grant while in Colombia. Starting at 2020, this should now be possible totally online by means of the Migracion Colombia site.

For a great many people visiting Colombia, the 90-day visitor license is all that could possibly be needed. Then again, Colombia's travel industry motto was, "The main hazard is needing to remain." If you wind up needing more time to investigate all that Colombia brings to the table, those 180 days/year of sans visa travel may prove to be useful.

2. You'll Want To Brush Up On Your High School Spanish

Knowing even a touch of Spanish can come in fantastically convenient here. Colombia travel hasn't been as productive as movement somewhere else on the mainland, so you'll see that less individuals communicate in English than in numerous different places in South America.

By and large, Colombia is viewed as a nation with low English capability. You can get by absent a lot of Spanish, particularly in the bigger urban communities like Cartagena or Medellin. Getting further outside of what might be expected, however? You'll locate some Spanish substantially more essential. In any event, you ought to figure out how to peruse a touch of Spanish.

Except if you adhere to a guided visit, you'll additionally discover the vast majority of your everyday collaborations with local people require fundamental Spanish. From cab drivers to servers, you'll need either some degree of Spanish or a great interpretation application.

Colombians, all in all, are additionally fantastically amicable. Knowing a touch of the neighborhood language can help make your excursion much increasingly fun and allow you to meet more local people. Consider catching up on your abilities, regardless of whether a tad, before you leave for Colombia.

3. Or then again If You Want to Learn, Colombia is a Great Place to Study Spanish

On the off chance that your degree of Spanish doesn't broaden much past fundamental welcome, don't stress! You don't have to drop your outing. Colombia is really probably the best spot in Latin America to learn Spanish.

The standard Colombian intonation is regularly said to be somewhat simpler for new students to get. While there is a great deal of slang, the highlight (particularly in Bogota) is viewed as impartial and clear for non-local speakers.

As referenced above, Colombia additionally doesn't have the same number of English speakers as some other Latin American nations. This implies you will have much more chances to rehearse what you're realizing in your everyday exercises with local people.

You'll discover language schools all through Colombia. Most offer day, week, or even month-long projects. There are likewise alternatives to consolidate your examinations with a conventional home-remain or volunteer program. A few schools considerably offer a blend of Spanish and salsa move courses to get a full vibe for the Colombian experience. Ensure you set out to find out about your alternatives and check for audits before submitting.

4. It's One of the Most Diverse Places on Earth

Did you realize Colombia is really the second most differing place on the planet, after Brazil? At the point when you consider size however, it really proves to be the best as the most different nation on the planet by region.

On the off chance that Earth's biodiversity were a nation, it could be called Colombia.

National Geographic

This isn't difficult to accept once you begin investigating a touch of Colombia yourself. From the Pacific to the Caribbean, from the Amazon Jungle to the high, snow-topped Andes, Colombia has a touch of everything.

Truth be told, the nation has more than 8,000 marked biological systems, secured by 59 distinctive broadly assigned ensured regions, including national stops and saves. There are more than 50,000 known types of creatures as well as plants in Colombia, with 9,000+ being discovered no place else on the planet.

It's not simply the biodiversity that makes Colombia extraordinary, however. The individuals of Colombia are likewise different with a blend of indigenous, afro-relatives, Spaniards, and other worldwide ethnicities.

Colombia has 80+ indigenous ethnic gatherings with 64 diverse Amerindian dialects spoken in the nation. It was additionally home to the primary "freetown" in the Americas, Palenque, which was built up by got away from slaves on Colombia's Caribbean coast. You'll additionally discover littler networks of Arab, Romani, Jewish, Korean, and other migrant gatherings spread all through Colombia.

This ethnic decent variety makes Colombia an excellent spot to understanding. The music and social customs of Palenque are viewed as a period container into the past, with numerous African conventions (like drum routine) despite everything rehearsed in the network. You additionally won't need to scan far for unpredictably planned customary painstaking work from the different indigenous gatherings of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Indeed, even the nourishment of Colombia praises the nation's ethnic decent variety, from almojábanas (a kind of bread) to indigenous herbs like guasca which is utilized in the notable Colombia ajiaco soup.

5. Regardless of whether You Stay 180 Days, You Won't Be Able to See Everything

At the point when I originally referenced that you could visit Colombia as long as 180 days out of every year, you likely idea that was all that anyone could need. Let me let you know from direct experience that even with 180 days to visit, you wouldn't have the option to see even a small amount of what this unfathomable nation brings to the table.

As I referenced, Colombia is differing with such a great amount to see, do, and experience.

It is the main South American nation to have both a Pacific and Caribbean coastline. It has high Andes mountain passes, little pueblos, present day urban communities, desert scenes, moving slopes, and immense fields. Individuals stay with Colombia for the nourishment, the way of life, the nightlife, for whale viewing and scuba jumping, and for wilderness treks and experience sports.

Colombia is a hotspot for computerized travelers

Guatapé, an unquestionable requirement see on your agenda

Regardless of whether you have a half year or six days, you will need to limit your decisions. Fortunately, we have an entire schedule with a lot of features to see on your visit. Let this fill in as your movement manual for benefiting as much as possible from your time.

In the event that you just have half a month in Colombia, your most solid option is to visit only 2 or 3 districts. You could look at one of the significant urban communities (Bogota, Cartagena, or Medellin) and afterward put in a couple of evenings in the espresso locale before making a beeline for the Caribbean coast.

I would prescribe swapping out the Caribbean for the Amazon or Pacific locales for more experience. You could likewise attach a couple of days in Cali in the event that you are wanting to look at some salsa classes.

6. You Need to Think About How You'll Get Around

When you understand how huge Colombia is (it's a little over twice as extensive as France), you begin to acknowledge how it may be difficult to see all that you need to see. Include the way that the Andes Mountains run directly down the focal point of the nation and you'll rapidly comprehend why arranging how you'll get around is significant.

Regardless of whether you're taking cabs, transports, or planes between goals, you'll have to require some investment limitations and spending plan into thought.

Around Colombia, You'll Have to Navigate Mountains

With regards to Columbia travel, the open transport framework is the least expensive method of transportation and once in a while should be reserved early. That being stated, transports are not the quickest method of transportation. Winding mountain passes and restricted two-path expressways mean in any event, going between two moderately close places can take an entire day.

These wheels will take you over the mountains

Flying is an a lot faster and progressively helpful alternative, particularly in the event that you are going between far off locales. Fortunately, Colombia has various spending carriers. You have your reasonable number of alternatives to look for. On the drawback, this limits the immediacy of your arrangements a piece.

Before, another thought when booking travel was security. Heading out by open transports to visit certain locales of Colombia was not prescribed even only a couple of years prior. Be that as it may, since the Peace Agreement with the radical FARC, you can abandon those security concerns. Picking to take transports versus flying is currently significantly more an individual choice dependent on spending plan and travel style.

Getting Around is Easy in Most of Colombia's Cities and Towns

In the urban communities, you will discover many ride-offer and taxi applications. Uber is mainstream (however it might possibly be for all time kicked out of Colombia in Jan 2020) just as DiDi and Beat. You can generally wave to taxis off the road, yet I prescribe requesting one through a taxi application or by calling.

Keep in mind: taxis hailed in the road may not generally be metered. Arrange your charge in advance.

Simply your run of the mill transport in Colombia!

The open transportation alternatives in Colombian urban communities are regularly stuffed however in general better than average. In Medellin, the metro framework is a state of pride in the city. Then again, the TransMilenio framework in Bogota is loathed all around by local people and explorers the same. (I could accept the only choice available.)

As an or more, Colombians are inviting and typically glad to help lost voyagers who are utilizing open transportation frameworks.

7. It Has a Dark Past But a Bright Future

Any reasonable person would agree the prominence of a certain Netflix show has helped intrigue and travel to Colombia. As somebody who has become hopelessly enamored with Colombia—the individuals, the way of life, the nourishment—it very well may be disappointing that such a significant number of individuals despite everything have that Narco picture of Colombia in their brain. But on the other hand it's a piece of the nation's past, and it can't be overlooked in these Colombia travel tips.

Colombia was once one of the most hazardous places on the planet. From the avenues to the most elevated levels of government, sedate cartels administered with an iron clench hand. Capturing and murder happened every day and no edge of the nation was genuinely immaculate by viciousness.

Considerably after the fall of Pablo Escobar and the significant cartels, Colombia despite everything battled with continuous inward clash between government powers, paramilitary, and agitator bunches like the FARC.

Brilliant road scenes in Guatape

In any case, there's uplifting news! Over the most recent couple of decades, Colombia has transformed a corner to begin moving into an a lot more promising time to come.

Today Colombia is viewed as a diamond of South America with developing financial chance and a solid the travel industry. Its greatest fare is never again medicates, however blossoms. What's more, individuals these days visit to appreciate an alternate sort of stimulant⁠—scrumptious Colombian espresso.

While we can't overlook Colombia's dim past, it's future is brilliant. Your visit gives Colombia a truly necessary the travel industry help.

8. Visiting Colombia is Safe

On the off chance that it wasn't obvious from the segment above, Colombia is an a lot more secure spot than it used to be. All the famous delineations of narcos and cartels that you read about or see on TV are straight out of the '80s. Colombia is more secure today than numerous spots on the planet, particularly for explorers.

Savage crime percentages have dove. The cartels have lost their hang on the nation and cocaine creation has dropped definitely. The 2016 Peace Agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC revolts even earned then-President Juan Manuel Santos the Nobel Peace Prize.

The most widely recognized wrongdoing that guests face is straightforward pickpocketing. While you certainly would prefer not to go meandering alone around evening time with heaps of cash, with a little presence of mind, most voyagers will be fine. Misfortune and awful planning can transpire, yet by and large, Colombia is viewed as safe for voyagers.

That being stated, there are sure zones you'll need to evade, particularly around the outskirts, as they have a higher danger. It's in every case best to check your administration tourism warning posting before you visit, as circumstances do change.

It Might Be Safe But You Still Need Travel Insurance

Indeed, even in the most secure places on the planet, once in a while you simply run into a touch of misfortune. Having travel protection in Colombia is an extraordinary method to give yourself genuine feelings of serenity regardless of where on the planet you visit.

Colombia has a considerable amount of burglary and pickpocketing. Travel protection can assist you with dodging a destroyed outing if something goes missing.

Colombia likewise offers some extraordinary experience sports alternatives. Travel protection that covers these kinds of exercises is shrewd if there should arise an occurrence of any mishaps.

In general, finding the best travel protection arrangement before your outing to Colombia is only a savvy move. This is one of the most significant hints I can offer! My preferred protection is World Nomads.

9. What's more, as Colombians Say "Don't Give Papaya"

Colombians have an adage: "dar papaya." It truly signifies "to give papaya." The real interpretation however is to a greater degree an admonition to not set yourself up to be exploited or burglarized.

Like I referenced over, the most widely recognized trick explorers in Colombia face is pickpocketing. Telephones and cash are by a wide margin the most well-known things to be taken. Also, more often than not voyagers get their pockets picked on the grounds that they were "giving papaya."

A lady strolling down the roads in Colombia

Try not to parade your costly apparatus!

Pulling out your telephone in the road, blazing your cash at the bar, snatching scrappy taxicabs off the road, or calmly hurling your telephone on the table while having supper are ideal instances of this.

"Giving papaya" doesn't simply apply to your telephone or wallet. It's successfully stand out to yourself and conceivably your resources. Need to abstain from being looted in Colombia? Try not to streak cash or wear costly gems, don't become inebriated and walk home alone, and so on.

Try not to give papaya, consider your wellbeing when you're out on the town, and you make certain to have a much smoother trip.

10. It Has Some Incredible Cities

Since we have wellbeing off the beaten path, we should plunge into what makes a visit to Colombia incredible! We'll begin with its staggering urban areas.


The capital of Colombia, Bogota is a cutting edge, clamoring city roosted high in the Andes Mountains. Sitting at 8,660ft (or 2,640m), it's a spot that can truly blow your mind.

Most guests to Bogota allow it daily or two and no more. It's a colossal city however the features can be seen in only a couple of days on the off chance that you don't have a great deal of time. A portion of those features incorporate the Botero Museum, the Gold Museum, and the general perspectives from Monserrate.

Bogota likewise has a portion of the nation's best nightlife and cafés. On the off chance that you are thinking about taking Spanish classes, Bogota additionally has a more extensive choice of schools and projects than different urban communities.


Capital of the espresso locale, Medellin is by a wide margin most voyager's preferred Colombian city. Nicknamed the "City of Eternal Spring," Medellin has close immaculate climate all year. It's additionally home to apparently the absolute most amiable individuals in Colombia.

Medellin sits in a restricted valley with various barrios/neighborhoods that are mainstream with travelers, including El Poblado, Envigado, and Laureles. These areas are pressed with occupied cafés, bars, collaborating spaces, parks, and coffeehouses.

In the event that you do invest some energy in Medellin, it's additionally worth looking at a couple of the more nearby neighborhoods. A visit to the Comuna 13 neighborhood is an incredible method to see a touch of the scarred past of the city yet in addition how it has been reawakened through craftsmanship, culture, and network.


Sitting on Colombia's Caribbean coastline, Cartagena is a city for admirers of design and history. Encompassed by the old city divider, you'll discover a large number of Cartagena's frontier homes reestablished to their unique excellence.

Here you can investigate calm courts, take a ride in a pony drawn carriage, or venture inside a bright church. Around evening time, Cartagena wakes up with the hints of salsa and cumbia, particularly in the area of Getsemani.

For an increasingly present day take on Cartagena, head out to the Bocagrande and Castillogrande neighborhoods. These areas both have OK sea shores, bunches of café choices, and a pleasant stretch where you can search for neighborhood gifts.


Barranquilla is the urban center of the Caribbean coast. Referred to for the most part as a port city, it's regularly ignored by explorers (other than global delivery representatives). That being stated, Barranquilla has a ton to offer a wide range of voyagers, from exhibition halls to extraordinary workmanship and performances all year.

The feature of Barranquilla however, pass on, is Carnival. The city is home to the second-biggest festival on the planet and in the event that you happen to be in Colombia not long before Ash Wednesday, it shouldn't be missed! The Carnaval de Barranquilla was even regarded as a "perfect work of art of the oral and impalpable legacy of humankind" by UNESCO in 2003.

Santa Clause Marta

Santa Clause Marta, further down the coast, is the portal to a portion of Colombia's most lovely common parks. The city itself is another frontier gem⁠—littler than Cartagena, yet similarly as enchanting. It is additionally home to the absolute best urban sea shores in Colombia.

The sea shore in the focal point of town is very packed and not the best. In any case, simply outside the downtown area, you will discover two rural areas with extraordinary sea shores: El Rodadero and Taganga. El Rodadero draws in a to a great extent Colombian group and is for the most part loaded up with extravagant lodgings and resorts. Taganga, then again, is exceptionally mainstream with hikers and voyagers, with numerous lodging choices.


In spite of the fact that Cali is the capital of sala, it's somewhere else that is frequently ignored by explorers. On the off chance that you have any premium whatsoever in figuring out how to move, this is the place you come.

The city is obviously loaded up with unimaginable salsa schools and clubs. On the off chance that you appear at a club, a nearby is 100% liable to maneuver you into a move. It's likewise an incredible spot to look at a more drawn out salsa course (in the event that you have time) as it is more moderate to live here than Colombia's other significant urban communities.

Regardless of whether you're not a move darling, you'll welcome the salsa vibes everywhere throughout the city. Look at Tin Deo—they once in a while offer free exercises!

11. Colombia is Relatively Welcoming and Progressive When it Comes to LGBTQ+ Travelers

Latin America has a really terrible notoriety generally speaking for LGBTQ+ security, and a great deal of it comes from the locale's customary Catholic culture. Colombia, in any case, is exceptionally dynamic with regards to LGBTQ+ rights and inviting LGBTQ+ explorers.

On the Spartacus Gay Travel Index, Colombia was positioned 21 out of 197 nations for most inviting LGBTQ+ travel goals. That makes the nation second in Latin America, after Uruguay.

While sees on LGBTQ+ rights and connections change the nation over, you'll see Bogota as the most open. The city really chose another chairman in 2019 who is the primary transparently gay lady to be chosen chairman of any capital in the Americas. Bogota is likewise home to Theatron, the biggest gay dance club in Latin America.

12. Colombian Food is Delicious!

What's the purpose of voyaging anyplace on the planet on the off chance that you don't look at a touch of the neighborhood nourishment? Fortunately Colombia has some mind boggling nearby cooking, from road nourishment to top of the line eating to everything in the middle.

A great deal of voyagers may consider Colombian nourishment as insipid, excessively singed, and salty. The truth? They couldn't be all the more off-base.

The nourishment is sheltered to eat in Colombia

You won't go hungry in Colombia—that is beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Bogota is known for having probably the best eateries on the planet, including Restaurante Misia, and Leo (these are the two lavish expenditures, however). Pick any Colombian city or town and you'll discover incredible road nourishment choices from lechona to obleas. You won't need to look through long to discover it.

In case you're making a trip right to Colombia, don't botch the opportunity to attempt bandeja paisa, ajiaco soup, buñuelos, changua, or any of other exceptional Colombia claims to fame. Every area is known for something extraordinary, from colorful Amazonian natural product to the coconut rice of the coasts.

Try not to be reluctant to request that a nearby prescribe a road seller, café, or menu thing. Local people have the best insider tips!

13. What's more, You'll Definitely Want to Try the Fruit

You can't discuss Colombian nourishment without referencing the organic product. Colombia, as one of the most different places on earth, is loaded up with uncommon and intriguing natural products you've presumably never at any point knew about. Truth be told, perhaps the best thing you can plan into your Colombia travel agenda is a voyage through the neighborhood natural product advertise in Bogota, Paloquemao.

Organic product alternatives shift contingent upon where in Colombia you are, however significant markets typically spread a wide scope of choices. There is arazá, caimito, cherimoya, chontaduro, ciruela, corozo, curuba, feijoa, granadilla, guanabana, lulo, thus substantially more.

My recommendation? Get a couple of pesos, head out to the nearby market, and simply observe what you can find.

14. It's a Great Place for Adventure Sports Lovers

On the off chance that adrenaline is more your thing, Colombia likewise has you secured. From paragliding to wilderness boating, you can get your rush in at least twelve different ways.

Paragliding Over Medellin, Colombia

Paragliding over Medellin, Colombia

The capital of experience sports in Colombia is unquestionably San Gil. Situated in Colombia's Santander locale, the little city is encompassed by emotional mountains, streams, and backwoods. This makes for the ideal experience sports field.

Paragliding in Colombia is presumably the most mainstream experience sport choice with organizations offering paragliding in Bogota, Medellin, San Gil, and other significant districts. There are likewise a couple of spots to bungee hop in the nation.

Wilderness boating and surrendering are well known in the San Gil zone. The most mainstream cavern choice is La Cueva de la Vaca outside Curiti. Boating stumbles on the Suarez River can run from gentle, apprentice rapids to level four rapids.

15. Colombia is Filled with History

Explorers come to Colombia for some reasons: the regular scenes, the incredible nightlife, the world-well known social occasions, and so forth. On the off chance that you are a history fan however, Colombia has significantly more to offer.

Pre-provincial history in Colombia is intriguing with numerous significant archeological locales spread all through the nation. The two most well known are presumably the Lost City and San Agustin.

The Lost City, Ciudad Perdida, is believed to be 650 years more seasoned than Machu Picchu. Situated in the mountains outside Santa Marta, the concealed remains of the city are just available by a multi-day climb.

The San Agustín Archeological Park, in southern Colombia, is viewed as the world's biggest necropolis. It is additionally the biggest assortment of strict landmarks and megalithic figures in all of Latin America.

Moving to increasingly current history, Colombia's provincial past has deserted numerous vivid structures and towns. Cartagena is by a long shot the best model, with perfect old pilgrim houses. Correspondingly, the frontier focus of Bogota ( La Candelaria) shouldn't be missed. For a humble community model, head to the pilgrim town of Villa de Leyva, known for its whitewashed structures and cobblestone roads.

16. Yet, the People Are The Real Reason You Will Fall in Love With Colombia

Colombia has such a great amount to see and do. It's one of those spots you visit once and experience passionate feelings for until the end of time. There is an explanation it has gone from an ignored bit of Latin America to one of the top travel goals on the planet in just a couple of brief years.

It's not simply the lively urban areas or beautiful towns, or its hilly scenes, flawless sea shores, or great espresso. What really makes Colombia uncommon is the individuals.

Colombians are the absolute hottest individuals on earth!

For a considerable length of time, Colombia was a restricted area where barely any voyagers wandered. Regardless of this, Colombians are in general very pleased with their nation and what it brings to the table. As opposed to being irritated or flustered by the unexpected deluge of travelers, Colombians are energized for the chance to show the world their country.

Colombians are inviting, open, and probably the most amiable individuals you will ever meet. It's no big surprise a great many voyagers ends up beginning to look all starry eyed at this excellent nation and its astonishing individuals.


On the off chance that you've perused this far, I definitely realize you're eager to set out on this excursion. In our extraordinary quest for undervalued goals around the globe, you're not going to lament this excursion to Colombia.

I trust these tips fill in as a valuable travel manage for you to explore one of my preferred places on the planet!


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