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Fitbit Ionic review

Our audit of the Fitbit Ionic is critical. Not just in light of the fact that it's Fitbit's first self-announced smartwatch, but since it feels like the initial every minute of every day smartwatch. A corner has been turned.
Fitbit Ionic

You wake up, get in the shower, go to work, go for a run or swim, rest. At no time do you have to expel it from your wrist; notices buzz in for the duration of the day, and with a four-day-in addition to battery life, you can wear it to bed where it can track rest – and fortunately, it's sufficiently agreeable to do as such. The aftereffect of this is a more adjusted photo of your day.

Neither the Apple Watch, nor any individual from the Android Wear watch gathering can profess to do this to a similar degree at the present time. It might be said, the Ionic is the prime example of a pattern we're finding in which wellness trackers and smartwatches obscure together. All things considered, many would call the Fitbit Blaze a smartwatch, and truly you wouldn't not be right. In any case, such as saying Voldemort's name, Fitbit declines to utilize the word smartwatch when discussing the Blaze, probably for expect that market investigators would then think about shipments against the Apple Watch.

Cost when inspected:


Be that as it may, now, it's amusement on. The Fitbit Ionic – and its sportier cousin the Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition – is clashing with the Apple Watch Series 3, and keeping in mind that it doesn't have LTE to offer, it has the high ground in some different territories. We've been dragging the Ionic through hell for some time now, and since jump start Fitbit revealed two or three noteworthy updates, including an application store. Read on to get our musings on the present condition of the Ionic.

Fitbit Ionic: Design and specs

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

1.42-inch LCD touchscreen

348 x 250, 1,000 nit show

GPS, altimeter, advanced compass

day in and day out pulse screen

5ATM water obstruction (50m)

10 hours GPS battery life

5 days battery life general utilize

The Ionic may trump any number of smartwatches out there on a few classes, however looks isn't one of them. A considerable measure of work has gone into keeping the Ionic thin and light while packing in GPS, long battery life, a tri-wavelength sensor and a 1,000 nit show, however it appears to have come to the detriment of plan. The Ionic still resembles a wellness tracker, with a rakish plan taking after the Blaze before it, and an inclined aluminum case worked by a nano-shaping procedure we've seen in cell phones, yet not wearables.

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We don't think the Ionic is as terrible as a few people have guaranteed, yet it is difficult to pull this off with extravagant formal wear. Maybe that is the one break in the throughout the day chain. You do have the choice of different groups, including some snazzier calfskin ties, however the exclusive band framework implies you need to run with whatever Fitbit has on offer.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

The Ionic comes in three essential flavors: a blue-dim band with silver watch case; a charcoal band with graphite dark case; and a slate-blue band with a blue-orange case. These, Fitbit let us know, were approximately propelled by science fiction films – orange from The Martian, an Interstellar dark, and so forth. Not that this will probably enter your thoughts when wearing it, however it's a little tidbit you can whip out should somebody compliment your new smartwatch.

The catch format is the same as the Blaze – two on the correct side and one on the left – but on the other hand you're ready to tap and swipe that screen to travel through applications and exercises. Having a more material alternative is decent amid exercises, particularly in case you will take this in the pool.

Fitbit Ionic: Screen

So Fitbit ran with a blocky, square shape show and as the organization's head of configuration disclosed to us it had its purposes behind not running with a round screen. Eminently that it appeared well and good to display warnings and its FitStar instructing exercises. The 1.42-inch LCD touchscreen show is littler than the one included on the Fitbit Blaze (1.66-inch), however the 348 x 250 goals implies there is a knock up in quality.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

With those pixels packed into a significantly littler space, you get a more keen, more dynamic picture thus. It's a splendid screen also, regardless of whether you have it wrenched up to the maximum setting or in auto mode, and perceivability is solid in all conditions too.

It's not the best smartwatch show out there - Apple Samsung still reign in that office. It's as yet a strong touchscreen show however and we have couple of grumblings, regardless of whether it offers less screen domain than its rivals.

Fitbit Ionic: Activity following

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch audit

At this point, Fitbit has the essential movement following secured. Regardless of whether you're not here for the exercises, the Ionic might be sufficient to charm individuals who need to track their means and have the advantages of a smartwatch. You will obviously get your essential calorie following and stairs climbed as well, alongside your resting pulse for the duration of the day. Actually there are a few watch faces that show your resting pulse constantly, should you need to watch out for it.

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Look along to the 'Today' application and you can get an outline of everything from ventures to miles secured, yet regardless you'll get further bits of knowledge, including a pulse chart, by opening the cell phone application.

Fitbit has been buckling down on its rest following in the course of recent months, and the Ionic arrives all the more grounded for it. Appropriate out the case you'll approach Sleep Stages, which separates your stay asleep for the entire evening by breaking down accelerometer and pulse information, and Sleep Insights, which offers tips to enhance your close eye.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

Regarding precision, we observed it to be keeping pace with the Alta HR, which is nothing unexpected as Fitbit says the innovation is only the same. Which is to state it's great; set up against the Beddit 3, which despite everything we observe to be the most precise rest tracker around, its outcomes were equivalent.

How the Fitbit Ionic thinks about

Where it once in a while unhinges, similar to the Alta HR, is in recognizing when we're conscious. On one event it revealed to us that we'd woken up 20 minutes after the fact than we had, yet that was the most curious outcome we've had with it. For the most part, it's been great.

In this office not much has changed, but rather it's what's to come that is substantially more energizing. That tri-wavelength sensor we said will give Fitbit a chance to track relative SpO2, a proportion of oxygen in the blood, that will have the capacity to tell Fitbit in the event that you have rest apnea. The organization additionally reported it's collaborating with Dexcom so diabetics who track their glucose with one of Dexcom's consistent screens will before long understand that information transmitted straight to the Ionic.

The advantage of that ought not be thought little of, but rather urgently, none of these highlights are yet live, and they've not been tried. They're guarantees, and how much confidence you surrender them is to you to choose.

Fitbit Ionic: Sports following

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

When you need to go past checking steps, it's an ideal opportunity to venture up to Exercise mode. It's here where the altimeter, accelerometer, compass, GPS and pulse screen are brought into play. Alongside Fitbit's SmartTrack tech to consequently perceive a large group of various activities, there are committed modes for following running, cycling, swimming and treadmill running.

There are likewise devoted modes for weights and general exercises, however don't hope to get the extra measurements conveyed with the Ionic's center games following modes. This is what we made of what the Ionic brings to the table in the games following office up until this point.

Fitbit Ionic: Running

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

Fitbit disclosed to us that the vast majority utilize its gadgets for strolling and running, and with the Ionic basically supplanting the resigned Surge as Fitbit's solitary gadget with GPS worked in, we were seeking after great things from the Ionic.

Before you get up and running, there's a little bunch of choices to investigate. You can set up signals that will send a vibrating bump when you hit a specific separation and can redo details (remove, pace, normal pace, pulse, calories consumed, steps and time). You're not going to see data on things like rhythm, however then the Ionic never attempts to be a top of the line Garmin or a Polar running watch with those extra running measurements. It's tied in with keeping things basic here and that is precisely what it accomplishes. The main other extra modes are turning on auto-delay and run recognition so you don't have to experience this procedure at all to track.

Nobody likes sticking around for GPS to kick in and fortunately the radio wire stuffed into the Ionic ordinarily takes no longer than a moment or so to hop enthusiastically. When you go ahead, you can swipe through the center of the show or hit the physical catch on the left hand side to change information fields, with the physical catches on the privilege doled out to delaying and completion exercises. The touchscreen is really responsive, despite the fact that when things get wet and stormy you'll be depending on those physical catches for route.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch audit

GPS following: Fitbit (left and focus) and Polar Beat iPhone application (right)

At the point when a run is done and spared you can see a synopsis on the watch, yet you have to match up the action with the telephone to see maps and pulse charts. Above you can see an example run demonstrating the sort of information you can hope to see, in contrast with what we recorded with the Polar Beat iPhone application. There weren't any precision dramatizations and normal pace information was for the most part on the cash.

Running action, similar to every single other action, adds to your general advances, calorie consume and dynamic moment aggregates for the day, and with a devoted application for Strava and ideally more to come, that information doesn't need to simply live inside Fitbit's application.

Treadmill running is additionally upheld on the Ionic, following separation, normal pace and pulse information. Without GPS you're depending on the accelerometer to track execution, which dependably observes a drop in precision, yet we really felt the Ionic completed a great job here as well.

Fitbit Ionic: Cycling

For cycling, you can hope to get comparable settings available to you including turning on auto delay, setting up information signals and redid details that can be shown amid a ride. Once more, you'll get a preview of your exercise outline, however you'll have to wander into the application to see your ride in detail with mapped courses, speed, pulse zones and calories consumed.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

Cycling following: Fitbit (left and focus) and Suunto Movescount application (right)

We showed it a good time with the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR and separation and speed were for the most part in the correct ball stop, however we'll be investing significantly more energy in the coming months dragging the Ionic through hellfire out on a bicycle.

Fitbit Ionic: Swimming

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch audit

We had truly positive things to say in regards to the Fitbit Flex 2's swim following aptitudes, however what was extremely missing from the experience was really recognizing what advance you were setting aside a few minutes. That has been tended to with the Ionic where you would now be able to monitor lengths, separate secured and exercise span on the touchscreen show. It doesn't show the kind of strokes and there's no SWOLF information accessible, so information hungry swimmers may discover the experience a touch of disappointing. Yet, there's sufficiently still here to improve feeling of your execution in the pool.

The waterproof outline additionally reaches out to vast water swimming, yet there's somewhat of a clanger: dissimilar to the Apple Watch Series 2 or a Garmin Fenix 5, there is no appropriate untamed water swimming, where you can take it for a dunk in the ocean and utilize the signals to quantify how much separation you've secured.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch audit

Swim following: Fitbit (left and focus) and Suunto Movescount application (right)

In the pool, it's a strong entertainer. You won't have much motivation to tinker with the screen as there are no extra measurements to audit and up against the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR information there was just a distinction of one length.

Inside the application you can likewise observe calories torched and a break of pulse information, in spite of the fact that we wouldn't read excessively into that. Water and optical sensors simply don't blend.

Fundamental perusing: The lowdown on swimming with HR wearables

Up against the Apple Watch Series 2 more than 20 lengths, the Fitbit Ionic checked one length too much, while the Apple Watch got it spot on. There was certainly some post-swim amending done in the application, and curiously the Ionic got the yard separate as dead on 500 – right and same as the Apple Watch – despite the fact that it represented that one additional length.

It's significant that the Apple Watch got our strokes wrong generally, so it's not done consistently somewhere else.

Fitbit Ionic: Strength preparing

Fitbit Ionic audit

In case you're more inspired by utilizing the Ionic for weights in the rec center, instead of out and about, at that point it merits remembering that you're not getting indistinguishable help from you would with different gadgets. While a developing number of wellness trackers and smartwatches are naturally distinguishing activities and checking reps from the wrist, you don't get that with the Ionic. When you select the committed Weights mode, just the time, your pulse and calories consumed are appeared.

This can be endured in case you're not a power client and just plunge into the odd quality instructional course, however in the event that you're searching for a gadget that can essentially enable you to track the advancement of particular activities, it's most likely best to avoid the Fitbit smartwatch.

Tried: Fitbit Ionic quality preparing

As we noted in the wake of spending two or three weeks utilizing the Ionic for quality preparing, the main way this turns into a practical choice is if Fitbit in the long run chooses to bring a similar sort of instructional take after alongs found in Coach to the Weights mode.

Fitbit Ionic: Heart rate exactness

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch audit

So this is a major one. Does the Fitbit Ionic convey exact pulse information? We've composed numerous a word on the unwavering quality of wrist-based pulse screens and the various components that can influence readings. From the Charge HR the distance to the Alta HR, our own particular testing demonstrates that Fitbit's PurePulse tech isn't immaculate, however a similar feedback has been leveled at Apple's sensor setup or Garmin's Elevate pulse innovation. So how does the Ionic charge? Like a Facebook relationship status, allows simply say it's entangled.

As far as the pulse information the Ionic can convey, you'll have the capacity to see resting pulse data for the duration of the day, ongoing bpm readings through all exercise modes and set up pulse zones for interim preparing. In the event that we manage resting pulse information first, we have no issues on the precision front – and that is maybe not too astounding when those readings are taken when you are stationary. We contrasted it with Polar's H10 chest tie and readings were indistinguishable on each event.

When we move onto practice mode, that is the place things get intriguing. By and by, we utilized the H10 chest tie as the benchmark for our testing. We went out running, experimented with a portion of the Coach exercises, bounced on the paddling machine and put it to the rec center test. What we found is two or three things. The first is that those mentor exercises gave really dependable readings yet when it's a great opportunity to swing to accomplish something more serious like running, things change.

A look down at our Ionic and at the Polar Beat iPhone application now and again indicated readings that had a distinction of as much as 10 bpm. It was a comparable story when we bounced on the treadmill, giving us exceptionally implausible readouts for time spent in pulse zones. With regards to exploring that information in the application, the charts don't generally recommend that readings have been uncontrollably off amid a session however normal and max bpm readings had a tendency to be 4-5 beats off by and large.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

In a word, it's uneven. On another run, it completed a great job of staying aware of the Polar H10 as we kept up the higher power in the second 50% of the run. Toward the end the Ionic read a high of 182 against the Polar's 183, with midpoints of 166 bpm and 167 bpm individually. Additional concerning was the following run, where readings went absolutely AWOL. To begin, pulse was spiking on the Ionic even before we started running, 20-30 ppm higher than what the chest lash read, and that proceeded for some time toward the beginning of the keep running before night out.

En route, we additionally saw the readings were off by around 10 bpm on occasion, however then the entire thing appeared to crash with no notice. For some odd reason, later on that day the application enlisted the exercise… yet said it had endured three hours (I'd really kept running for around 45 minutes). It appears as, in spite of slamming, it was all the while enlisting a running exercise out of sight, notwithstanding amid the pool testing I did a short time later. This was on the survey prepared programming, so I trust this is something Fitbit can settle before dispatch. As we say, it just happened once in our testing.

Main concern: we have fluctuating outcomes with pulse observing on the Ionic. Here and there it's right on the money, different occasions it most unquestionably isn't. While this most recent form of Fitbit's PurePulse tech is gathered be a change on past adaptations, in light of our experience it's still hit and miss contingent upon the sort of movement you're doing and the force of the exercise.
Fitbit Ionic: Coach

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

The implicit Coach application is Fitbit's own preparation application, fueled by FitStar. It's tied in with offering exercises of fluctuating challenges and length, on the off chance that you need to go up against a more organized exercise.

The experience is part between the watch and the Fitbit application, so you can take after a few exercises from the Ionic's screen like you could on the Fitbit Blaze, however different exercises are as of now just open through the Fitbit application.

The thought is that these exercises adjust in light of your advancement to influence them to feel more one of a kind and individual. So when it saw that we had been swimming, for example, it prescribed fit figure and cardio exercises to experiment with straightaway.

From the watch you can right now get to three exercises. That is 10 minute abs, 7-minute exercise and Treasure Chest. We're trusting that dissimilar to the Blaze, there'll be in excess of three exercises accessible at dispatch, yet that is our part at this moment. Fitbit is including guided way of life training designs into the application, including Beginner Runner (lounge chair to 5k) and Beat That Sugar Habit, yet these aren't yet live.

As the names propose, the exercises run in term and spotlight on various parts of the body. Once you've enrolled as a Fitstar client through the application and picked your mentor you can begin getting to the exercises. When you hit begin, you'll get a little activity of the activity and after that it's dependent upon you to get working out. In case you're moderately fit, you may discover a portion of the shorter exercises not too requesting but rather they will push you with boards, squats and the sky is the limit from there.

The FitStar reconciliation is one of Fitbit's awesome qualities as a stage, and on the off chance that it keeps on developing and conveys on those customized proposals it ought to be one reason you'd need an Ionic in your life. Be that as it may, Fitbit intends to put a noteworthy bit of its Coach exercises behind a paywall, and we'd need more than the three exercises right now live to truly prescribe this component.

Tragically, there were a few highlights that we were not able test, similar to the sound instructing and Fitbit Radio. It's an example rising by and by that we are not getting the full Ionic bundle at this time.

Fitbit Ionic: Fitbit Pay

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch audit

At the point when Fitbit purchased installment startup Coin, it was a certain indication of what was at the forefront of its thoughts. What's more, with Ionic it's appearing its wearable installments stage named – prepared for it? – Fitbit Pay.

Fitbit Pay joins Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Garmin Pay in giving you a chance to buy things with a tap of the wrist. Through the application you simply need to enlist your card, and Fitbit guarantees to help an extensive variety of issuing banks out the entryway, however it stays to be perceived how great that help will be. As we saw with Apple and Android Pay, it can take a while for banks to get on board, however we know HSBC, Capital One and Royal Bank are among early names, with additional to be included soon.

Basic reading:Apple Pay v Samsung Pay v Android Pay

You likewise need to set up a password on the Ionic itself, and this is the fiddly bit, as it is difficult to hit the modest number cushion with pinpoint exactness. Be that as it may, it's a cost to pay to not chance somebody swiping your Ionic for a shopping binge on your dime. From that point, to make an installment you simply need to hold the left hand catch and a modest bank card will appear on the screen.

The last part you require, obviously, is a remote installment terminal, which few out of every odd store will have. That is particularly the case in the US, which keeps on hauling behind. Samsung Pay still has the high ground with its help for attractive strip installments, however anyplace that can acknowledge NFC installments will have the capacity to work with Fitbit Pay. Overlook any individual who discloses to you generally.

Fitbit Ionic: Apps

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch audit

When we asked CEO James Park where the refinement between wellness tracker and smartwatch lay, applications was one of his cases. What's more, this will be a genuine proving ground for the Ionic, which is going up against two biological communities specifically, Android Wear and watchOS, which have had significantly more opportunity to get applications and engineers added to their repertoire.

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Out the door, the Ionic propelled with a bunch of first-party applications however just four outsider contributions: Strava, AccuWeather, Starbucks and Pandora. That last one won't have any significant bearing to you in case you're in Europe, however Deezer is coming one year from now. Fortunately you can put music on the watch with Fitbit's own music application. To do this, you have to experience the work area Fitbit Connect application and select the records you need to match up. Once on there, it's an instance of matching your Bluetooth earphones with the watch and you're away. We've had no issues blending numerous earphones, including Apple's AirPods and the Fitbit Flyer, the organization's own particular Bluetooth earphones.

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch survey

Fitbit has now opened the way to its application store, called Fitbit Gallery. The store propelled with a little gathering including applications for The New York Times, Flipboard, Switchr and Yelp. It's still early days and Fitbit has guaranteed a pack more before the finish of 2017 including Nest, TripAdvisor, Lyft and British Airways. There's likewise now an expansive inventory of watch countenances to browse, which will keep on growing after some time.

A considerable measure of the applications feels very constrained right now however we're happy the ball is rolling and we hope to see the store swell moderately rapidly; a great deal of Pebble application designers are presently working for the stage.

Download these: Best Fitbit Ionic applications

The inquiry currently is whether Fitbit can gather as much eagerness as Pebble oversaw. Its SDK is one that Pebble was chipping away at before Fitbit snapped it up and utilizes JavaScript, CSS and SVG, making it simple for devs to expand on. We additionally like that Fitbit is giving individuals a chance to share applications without needing them directed, in spite of the fact that on the off chance that you need them exhibited on Fitbit's application store you should submit them for endorsement.

Fitbit Ionic: Notifications

Warning help is a smartwatch staple and for some, really a greater need than independent applications. So how can it passage on the Ionic? All things considered, allows simply say it's truly essential at this moment. From the application, you can take control of the local and outsider warnings that show up on the watch.

Calls, instant messages and schedule occasions are upheld, in addition to it'll additionally work with any semblance of WhatsApp, Twitter and Strava. Notices will show up on the screen or you can swipe up to see a feed of read and new warnings. From that point you can grow messages and swipe away to expel, yet separated from replying/dismissing calls you can't react to the dominant part of warnings.

Contrast that with what Apple, Samsung and Google bring to the table in this office and the Ionic comes up truly short. It's basically a similar sort of approach that games watches embrace with keen notices, however even Garmin is starting to acquaint the capacity with react to notices, so there's certainly opportunity to get better here and some may be let around the oversimplified setup.

Fitbit Ionic: Battery life

Fitbit initially said battery life would keep running for more than four days, yet has now changed the message: it will go for five. While the Apple Watch will endure multi day, the Ionic has done the unbelievable and can continue going any longer. With some really concentrated utilize, that is with the screen wrenched up to full splendor, notices separating through and different following sessions, we easily endured three days, four days with somewhat more adjusted utilize. We didn't exactly make it to the five Fitbit is citing, yet in a more practical situation where you're doing less exercise following, there's each probability the Ionic could make it to give days. That will be music to the ears of incessant explorers who can leave the charger at home.

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic

Wareable may get a commission

GPS battery life is professed to associate with 10 hours and we'd be slanted to concur with that in light of our opportunity with the Ionic. No, it's not best in class, but rather it's as yet a decent appearing, and the GPS doesn't detrimentally affect battery life, knocking off under 10% from a 40-50 minute run. How Fitbit has done it, we're not exactly beyond any doubt, but rather it abandons us feeling idealistic that things could show signs of improvement later on.

Fitbit Ionic: Price

So how does the Fitbit Ionic stack up regarding cost? At $299 it's moderately inline with the Apple Watch, and sharp customers ought to have the capacity to get an Apple Watch Series 2 (with GPS and pulse), for less cash.

It's additionally generously more than the Fitbit Blaze and Charge 2, which are likewise respectable choices, in case you're more into the wellness following components.

It's imperative to consider the potential that the Ionic needs to create after some time – however in the event that you were holding off purchasing an Apple Watch since it's excessively costly, there's no sparing, making it impossible to be made here.

Fitbit Ionic

By Fitbit

There's a great deal that we extremely like about Fitbit's first smartwatch, in any case the product niggles make it hard to place it in indistinguishable section from the Apple Watch, the best that Android Wear brings to the table and Samsung's Gear smartwatches at the present time. At the point when those issues are settled – and we are trusting that they are when it's prepared to dispatch in October – then it will be distinctive story out and out. Indeed, the outline will separate, yet it's one that we've developed to acknowledge, just not adore. Wellness and games following including the Coach stage establish a great connection and smartwatch highlights like notices, music player support and Fitbit Pay work without issue. At that point there's the battery life, which wipes the floor with the opposition. The Ionic speaks to the best of Fitbit, it's only a disgrace we're being made to sit tight for the total smartwatch encounter.


Multi day battery life

Solid sports tracking
Guided workouts
Fitbit Pay
Buggy software
Too many TBC features
Design will divide
Inconsistent heart rate

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